We carry a select stock of stone slabs in various sizes, ranging from 55” x 120” to Jumbo Sizes of 63” x 126.” We also can produce to order most patterns and colors of any stone samples provided. Our stone collection includes Granite, Quartz, Marble, Dekton, and other unique, translucent stones. However, we specialize in Quartz stone which, while mostly naturally occurring, is engineered to be durable and resistant to wear. These stones have broad applications from kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, and full slab surround showers, to flooring, wall tiling, and decorative displays in residential or high end commercial environments. We also cut, fabricate, laminate, and install to whatever specifications required.

We pride ourselves in our proprietary techniques used in the fabrication process, which allow the joint of slabs to appear almost completely seamless, as well as edgings to be clean and continuous, including in the application of waterfalls and full height back splashes. We are also one of the first in the industry to provide prefab stone kits that can be easily installed for multi-unit purposes. Kits are composed of just the necessary stones for the project involved, and are prefabricated, cut to size, and polished (everything short of installation). From stone slabs to fabrication and installation, we ensure that each product and project is completed with the highest quality standards.

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